The Construction of Boston was performed by student actors from VU University Amsterdam's own Toneelvereniging FUNEST (part of the English Department of the Faculty of Letters).

In the last few years, FUNEST has been responsible for successful productions of Stoppard's Arcadia, Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, Wallace's The Fever Chart, Overkempe's Heaven forfend!, and, this year's adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire, the classic American masterpiece by Tennessee Williams.

Heaven forfend!

Remy L. Overkempe's Heaven forfend!

Ratna Marapin, Jill Top, and Remy L. Overkempe, the producers of Boston, were also responsible for last year's Heaven forfend! production, which had a successful limited run at CREA Theater. Furthermore, Kenneth Koch's play has been extensively discussed and analysed in VU University Amsterdam's MA course on the New York School Poets (by Diederik Oostdijk). This ensured that the 2013 production was not just a straight-forward, unchallenged adaptation of Koch's original; a lot of thought, idea, and conceptualising had been done before the play went into production.

Additionally, Boston was a collaboration between the English and Art History departments of the VU Faculty of Letters, seeing the (performance) art aspect in staging a play with Rauschenberg, Tinguely, and Niki de Saint Phalle as main characters.

The production was performed at CREA Theater in downtown Amsterdam (mapped above), a theatre renowned for its creative, inspiring, and experimental output. The new location provided Boston with everything needed to put on a great and daring show, while also offering the audience a great and complete experience.

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