Written by Kenneth Koch; directed by Remy L. Overkempe; set design and props by Vanessa Catalano Dominguez, Luda Diepgrond, Maurits van Putten, and Sindy Toppenberg; sound effects by The Freesound Project; production stage manager, Lenette Vlasman; promotion by Alex Williams; brand identity by Manuel den Os, urban media; web site by Martian Prince; VU Faculty of Letters representation by Diederik Oostdijk; VU subsidy granted by Ben Peperkamp. Performed by Toneelvereniging FUNEST. Presented by Remy L. Overkempe, Ratna Marapin, Jill Top, Martian Prince and VU University Amsterdam.

  • At CREA Theater, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018 WV Amsterdam. Running time: 1.5 hour (symposium), and 25 minutes (play).

With: Christine Overmeer (Sam) and Marco Noort (Henry); also starring Maurits van Putten (Rauschenberg), Marlijn Walraven (Tinguely) and Naomi van Horen (Niki de Saint Phalle); and featuring Betiana Barcala Cardalda (Irishwoman and Soldier), Sjoerd Bollebakker (Irishman and Soldier), Callas Nijskens (Englishwoman and Soldier), Sindy Tejeda (Italian and Soldier) and Anneke Voerman (A Voice).

Special mentioning of and thank you to Diederik Oostdijk, Ben Peperkamp, of VU University Amsterdam; Marjorie Boston, Maarten van Hinte, of MC Theater; Miriam van Oort, of CREA Theater; Anne van Emden, of See Tickets Nederland; Twitter, Facebook, of The Interwebs; and Tom Ford.